About Us

Hello Everyone, for 26 years I dedicated myself to fitness and nutrition, I relished in helping others learn about their bodies and just how strong they are, seeing someone go from doubting their fitness level to becoming a powerhouse was rewarding. But I still had an equal love for things outside of the gym like fashion, food, traveling and spending time with family friends. During those tough camaraderie building fitness sessions I learned I was surrounded by very talented people who felt the same way.

This blog tries to capture the best of that community with contributions in the areas of fitness, fashion, design and food! I hope you enjoy it!

Vania’s Loft Contributors:

Vania Isaac…Vania has been a ACE, AFAA certified fitness instructor for over 20 years.  She owned Vania’s Bootcamp in Monroe CT.

Marcy Kelman…Marcy is a mother of two and author of more than 60 books for Disney Publishing Worldwide.

Amy Primorac…Amy is a website designer and blogger with a passion for health, wellness and local foods.  She serves on the Monroe Farmers Market in Monroe, CT.

Bobbie Sue Smart….Bobbie Sue owns Smart Design, an interior design firm in Sandy Hook, Ct.